What’s going on? (SOFA agreement)

what is SOFA agreement? SOFA full meaning is Status of Forces agreement, which would give the US forces unrestricted access in Sri Lanka. Example: If shooting firing happens in Sri Lanka by a US Soldier, then the Sri Lankan government can not take any action against the US Soldier, he will be taken to the US. US Government will finalize the case in humanitarian law.

Sri Lanka SOFA agreement with US?

If Sri Lanka signs sofa agreement with the US, then the US Army will get access in Sri Lanka. According to this agreement Law of Sri Lanka, there can not be a case because they sign Sofa agreement. Sri Lanka has not signed the sofa agreement until July 2019, it will be signed by the government after the election. What Sri Lanka’s next government will not want to do is that if the sofa agreement is signed then it can not or will not sign the government sofa agreement. Elections are due in Sri Lanka, so now the sofa agreement will or not be signed after the election.

Large countries with some small countries, Sofa agreement signed. like UK, Russian Federation, US-JAPAN status of forces agreement.

millennium challenge corporation (MCC)

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is a bilateral United States foreign aid agency established by the U.S. Congress in 2004, applying a new philosophy toward foreign aid. It is an independent agency separate from the State Department and USAID.

The new chief executive officer of the U.S Government’s millennium challenge corporation (MCC) Sean Cairncross has pledged to continue working with Sri Lanka to advance $480 million compacts. $480 million for Sri Lanka’s infrastructure and development. this is not a loan by the US, also this Amount is interest-free and never return by Sri Lanka It’s like a $480 million gift For infrastructure and development. if convert in INR $480 Million is (32,90,89,44,000 in July 2019) and if convert in Sri Lanka Currency it is (84,54,72,00,000) because in Sri Lanka $1 US is 176.14 rupees.


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